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Local Market

If you want to see real Cambodian life then you must visit one of the local markets.  The local market has everything you could possibly want to buy, with its hustle and bustle it’s a hive of activity.

Bohemiaz Tip – You might not like this one, but, you really should go early morning to see the market in all its glory, and yes I do mean 8-9am I’m afraid!  Som toe means excuse me….you may need to use it!

Fish Island

Definitely worth a little explore, Fish Island is on the outskirts of Kampot, a small developing area with stunning views, just worth a drive out to see!

Bokor Mountain

Bokor Mountain should definitely be on your list of things to do in Kampot, the views alone are worth it!  You can either join an organised trip or take a taxi for the day who will show you the sites including the abandoned casino, waterfall, development plans, etc.
Bohemiaz Tip – Stop by the Sokha hotel at the top of the mountain for afternoon cake and coffee…some of the nicest cakes I’ve had here!

Phnom Chhnork cave

Something for everyone!  If you like live on the wild side and love to clamber over rocks then take the short route inside the cave up to the top.  If however you prefer a calmer more leisurely route the you can take the steps to the top where you can witness the beautiful Kampot countryside as far as the eye can see.  
Bohemiaz Tip – Take a head torch for the inside route as you need both hands, and doing this in flip flops/ thongs makes it an awful lot harder (we can vouch for that!)

Pepper Plantations

There are many pepper plantations throughout Kampot and the are definitely worth a visit.  I’ve been to several different ones and to be quite honest they are all pretty similar, you can quite often go to one as part of a package day out.
Bohemiaz Tip – Buy some pepper to take home its amazing, especially the red! The Bohemiaz team has created a range of products using the pepper such as Steak rubs, Chips seasoning, spicy nuts and seeds mix packed to take away…a great little souvenir!

Enjoying the water

Teuk Chhou RapidsAbout 7km from Kampot are the beautiful Teuk Chhou Rapids, Rent one of the tubes for a fun time in the water or rent one of the shelters complete with hammocks and just watch the world go by.
Bohemiaz tip - It can be a little bit rocky getting into the water so take some shoes you don’t mind getting wet if you want to protect you feet!

Sunset cruises

One of my favourite things to do in Kampot is one of the many sunset cruises.  Chill out and take in the stunning scenery as you cruise down the river, a bargain at only $5!
Bohemiaz Tip – Get  there early to get a good seat, and don’t forget you swimming stuff so you can jump in and go for a swim! If you are used to the heat as I now  am It can also get a little bit chilly on the way back, dare I say take a long sleeve top!?


Kep is a great place to go for a day trip, visit the famous crab market and try some of the food cooked as fresh as it gets, chill out on the beach, visit the national park, or chill out in one of the many hammocks.
Bohemiaz Tip – Take a tuk tuk for only $20 return so you can take in the stunning countryside views which you can miss if riding a moto.  Alternatively try the crab shuttle and take in the views from the sea, running most days in high season, but can be weather dependent.

Kep sailing club

Lovely sailing club situated on the beach at Kep, rent a kayak, paddle board or more, the perfect way to spend an afternoon.
Bohemiaz Tip….Give yourself some time to simply soak up the atmosphere, one of the most chilled out places I’ve been to and the mojitos are great, also if you have time then stay for lunch, the food is really great!

Rabbit Island   

Definitely worth a visit if you have the time.  Rabbit Island is just a short long boat ride away from Kep port.  The boats cost $25 return but that can be split with up to 8 people, if there is less of you you may pay a little more.  Relax on the beach, take a swim, enjoy some of the fantastic seafood on offer and if you fancy staying the night there are some basic beach bungalows for rent from $5.
Bohemiaz tip – The sea can get a bit choppy so be prepared to get wet.  If you decided to stay over in the bungalows the mosquitos seem to love this place so make sure you bring lots of spray with you so they don’t have you for dinner!

Kampong Trach

A beautiful village a little further out from Kampot, 6km away from the Vietnam border, this village is incredibly friendly and has a lot to offer! Watch the locals play volleyball for money, drink beer with them and eat the local delicacies for local prices. Also some amazing caves; a swimming cave which are often full of excited locals and a temple cave with a beautiful history.
Bohemiaz tip – Girls (and some guys) should probably wear clothes when swimming, they are surprised by bikinis and short shorts! Bring a torch to the temple cave and ask for the young man to take you round, his English is fabulous!