We believe in using really good quality ingredients and serving up huge portions of yummy food!  Our menu is a combination of great Khmer classics and proper western comfort and healthy food that you sometimes miss when traveling, we like to think of it as a menu where East meets West and healthy and naughty sit side by side. 

We use real sausages & bacon, make our own cereals, yogurt, breads, wraps and selection of sauces.  We have a children's menu, Vegetarian and Vegan options, as well as wheat and dairy alternatives for those traveling who have special dietry requirements.  We also have really good cake, best selling burgers & fajitas and fantastic cocktails!

When desigining the healthy side of our new menu we enlisted the help of a nutritionist who worked with us to create some fantastic nutrient dense dishes by making only a few simple changes to the food we love.  We believe that introducing simple changes is sometimes all you need to feel healthier and give your body a boost. Try our sweet potato chips with your meal instead of ordinary fries or our amazing root mash bursting with nutrients. Our menu is packed full of interesting ingredients, which make our food and drinks healthier. Whether it is the cinnamon spice we add to porridge to regulate your blood sugar level, turmeric in curries and lattes to help with inflammation or red cabbage we use in our salads to aid liver detoxification small changes can make big differences!

To download a pdf version of our menu please click below.
Bohemiaz menu kampot.pdf